Who we are

The story began in mid- 1993 when a young couple settles in Chile and discover this long and narrow country, full of beauty and unique contrasts; who with his passion for travel and exploration, see a promising future in showing Chile to the world.


Thus was born Tierra Sur. At Present, we are a family business committed to providing personalized service, creating unique programs and tailored to our customers, aware that we are obliged to exceed expectations.

We love Patagonia and have walked many of the trails, including those of Torres del Paine National Park, combining experience with tours in Argentina: the Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate, El Chalten, Cerro Torre and Mount Fitzroy.

District of Los Lagos, that is the name by which a vast region that starts in Temuco known, North, and extends to Puerto Montt, to the South. This is an area rich in culture for being the birthplace of the Mapuches, which means "men of the earth", surrounded by mountains and volcanoes marked by the presence of lakes and rivers of pristine waters and extraordinary beauty, along with extensive native forests. This is an area that never ceases to amaze and inspire the beginning of a new adventure.


Easter Island or Rapa Nui, the so-called "navel of the world", It is the most populated island continent away any. The island is a National Park and has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. It is full of mystery and surprising folklore. We wonder his enigmatic ancestral heritage represented on their altars, o Ahus, and the Moai; those stone giants who watch over the island and its people.

As no surprise and fall in love with the wonders of the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world, the inner strength of our planet shown in the Tatio Geysers or magical geological formations of Moon Valley by the charm of its people.

We travel frequently Chile, testing, discovering, generating new products and services that make possible an unforgettable journey and outstanding results. Chile is magical and is waiting!

The professionalism and human quality of our people is our principal. This will ensure a warm and humane reception; with a genuine concern for your trip, whether for business or pleasure, is free of complications, making this a lifetime experience.

Not only work in the tourism industry, our main business is to create happiness. We make things happen!


Our mission

  • We work to make your vacation a lifetime experience, meeting and exceeding your expectations.
  • We work to offer a unique and personalized service.
  • Be architects of their travel experience.
  • Create programs that meet the expectations of our passengers.
  • Respect the local culture and environment, preserving it for future generations.


Our vision

  • Being synonymous with excellence.
  • Show routes Chile and South America, thereby, the identity of each place.
  • Working in an environment where excellence is the common denominator.
Tierra Sur